Where to meet girls outside of school?

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So I'm done with college and am wondering how am I ever gonna meet chicks again on such a consistent basis :lol: I know some people say book stores, grocery stores, pumpkin patches, etc but all of these types of places dont seem so reliable in my opinion. Tell me the spots you've had success with when it comes to meeting wifey type chicks.


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Whole Foods.
Hipster Milfs....yup

Last time I went, this older Arab lady started yapping ya boy up over the potatoes.

"My son likes these, but I don't know, what type do you like"

"I like yambs..."

"Really? I've never had them."

"Well if I ever get the chance, I'd eat your yambs, I got faith in your ability"

Niketalker, so I didn't have enough game to actually pull her, only make funny comments that only Nters would get...

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There's so many, but I'll give you one of my favorites - AIRPORTS.
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Go out and do things.

College is definitely fish in a barrel but if you do stuff and talk to people you'll be fine.

roc boy jada

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Bars, concerts, volunteer work, city attractions, classes (art, music, cooking, etc.).

Those recommendations you've received don't seem like good places to talk to girls. Who the **** sets out to talk to girls in grocery stores?

Mark Antony

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All the chicks like to hang out in my basement my dear sweet young tender boy. Holla at me.
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