where to meet NBA stars at ATL?

Jun 15, 2005
does any one know? like what hotel they usually go. want to get some autos. or is there anyway to get their autos on the court easily? and I know Barkley works at TNT center. some times magic hangs there too. it would be awesome if someone know where they go after reporting. thanks.
go to bow wows house and you will probably meet louis williams lol
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just listen to the radio out here...or go to lenox mall...I saw STAT there.
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ESPN Zone and Spaghetti Warehouse in Buckhead. Chipper and Smoltz STAY in those resteraunts.
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What kind of topic is this,this post should'nt even be aload on NT,eather you are 12 or a girl,this is a sneaker cummunity,

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I heard Run N' Shoot had stars like Allen Iverson, J.R. Rider, Shareef Abdul-Rahim, Terrell Owens, and Stephon Marbury drop by there over the years and play some pick-games or just shoot some hoops.

I haven't been there in a minute though.
Imma get it over wit just like this, if you really wanna meet celerities, just post up at Lennox, guaranteed to see someone like everyday.
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