Where to play some basketball around IRVINE

Joined Jul 28, 2006
heritage park and orchard park... i play at orchard most of the time tho... you live in irvine?
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irvine heritage or tustin sports park
Lookin' for Grapes, Supreme Blazers, DQM AM90s, and Any Patent Forces in an 10.5-11. I'd prefer a SoCal meetup.
Also looking for an XL Dead Serious hoody in black.
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also the park next to the lakeview senior center next to woodbridge high school has some pretty good games...
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unless youre a UCI student, if youre willing to fork over money for a membership... the ARC at the UCI campus.

but otherwise the above mentioned parks will do.
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theres a nice park in irvine where you need to be a member or something and they have a full court in a tennis-like cage its pretty nice i forgot the name though
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Quote:[hr][/hr] also the park next to the lakeview senior center next to woodbridge high school has some pretty good games...[hr][/hr]

thats a good place to play ball. i use to play there every once in a while last year. the park is on lake rd. in woodbridge.
Joined Jun 24, 2006
I go to UCI and our gym facility is pretty sick. Since it's summer, there aren't that many people ballin' but I still go to shoot around and work on my game.

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Quote:[hr][/hr]how much is the membership for the school year at the ARC?[hr][/hr]

For Alumni its $120 a quarter or $360 for a year....I just got my year pass, so basically I got a free quarter
Joined Jan 15, 2002
I can't wait to go back to UC Irvine and ball the at ARC. Transferring back in Jan '08.

That's like the only spot I ball it cuz it's free for us and there are usually always people running games.
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