Where to sell Jordans

Joined Oct 17, 2014
Any of you guys know where I could sell a few pair of my js. I don't have enough posts on here to sell them in classified and I can't sell on eBay. I'm also in the UK so places kixify doesn't really help either. Any ideas?
Joined Aug 30, 2008
Do they have Instagram in the UK?
If so, try selling them on there. Make sure you use hashtags so people can find em.
Joined Jun 15, 2013
Seems like you're in a hurry. Can you wait?

And why can't you sell in eBay? Seems like you are a potential fraud, but I could be wrong.
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Joined Oct 17, 2014
EBay charge you too much with 10% of final price and fees I've never had a hood experience
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