Wheres My Hip Hop? Releases (Rant Inside F a blog)

Nov 7, 2009
this has got to be the slowest year ever for new albums. And no im not talking about street mixtapes / digital releases like Freeway and the new Wu.
Im talking bout 12.99 best buy New Releases Front of the Store Hip Hop. Im really scared for Hip Hop right now you guys 
 Rappers being signed and all they do is release mixtapes and youtube videos all year. I barely hear the artist that gets cosigned on major blogs daily (NMC) on the radio, BOB is never gonna drop 
, XXL is about ruin 5 out of 10 careers for the third year straight. Rappers push back mixtapes now (#!%) and to think my dream is to work as a marketing A&R for a record company. I dont know you guys i just dont know, and before any one says anything, yes i know by spring i will be overloaded with music , but still i remember when at least 3 major albums dropped a month. 

In conclusion , Atl needs to either give shine to your artist with substance or Suffer another 10 years of being treated like a step child aka 1990's. Because you know when east coast, west coast, midwest(kanye lupe common) get the dominance back yall aint seeing no light , not none 

/end rant 
May 9, 2007
ever since i was a lil kid i always saw an album as just a collection of songs on a tape/disc

so the difference between a mixtape and an album is minimal.

if an artist makes a mixtape and uses all original beats and he makes an album with all OG beats, to me its all the same.

why make a bunch of albums/mixtapes to put in Best Buy when most people use Ipods/mp3s. (i still use cds btw and i dont own a mp3 player)

just sayin. but yea i understand tho. i havent bought an album out of a store in years. not cuz i DL them, but because most of them suck and i prefer to pick songs offa mixtapes/youtube and make my own playlist
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