where's the best BBQ or Fried Chicken.

May 15, 2005
I'm most likely looking for bbq because I'm pretty sure Roscoe's is the best in socal. I'm in Monterey park but willing to drive at least 30 miles to get some great food
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Johnny Reb's in Long Beach.
and if you don't mind a chain restaraunt I've always liked Lucille's.


Lucilles is good (word to bbq beef ribs and bbq chicken with macaroni cheese & them apple butter biscuits)

There's one in brea :pimp:

But, it gets mad pricey after a while
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Roscoe's chicken is not that great.

The fried chicken at Knotts is pretty good.
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roscos is my fav...something about the combo of their fried chicken with their waffles makes me willing to drive the miles to get some.
Dr. Hoggly Wogglys in Van Nuys

I love WoodRanch, that place is BOMB

Fried Chicken, i dont know..I like Roscos

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i'm going to try Phillips tomorrow and report back. Yea I seen it on Yelp but didn't wanna say it on here because I didn't want biased responses.
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oh for another fried chicken place Dinah's Fried Chicken haha here's the yelp review. Although it has some mixed reviews about the place i've heard alot of good things about it from my co-workers and friends
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Donahoo's fried chicken in Pomona off of Garey off the 10. About 5 blocks south of the exit. Chicken is great but the rolls are to die for :pimp:
That joint right outside of Knotts Berry Farm is the truth just like gritty said. You can bust a nut eating there
the bbq spot on Sunset & Figueroa called Kings is very good. holla @ the Tri-Tip.

There is another spot Called Smokehouse on the corner of Chavez/Sunset @ i believe Spring (or somehwere close) that is good to .. The Pulled Pork Sandwhich is good. Its close to chinatown, cant really miss it.

Another BBQ spot thats good is on Slauson and just West of Crenshaw, the name is Woodys and i think its take out only but its really good.

And there is a bomb fried chicken spot in Downtown Culver City close to all the gallerys called Honeys Kettle that is quite good as well.

hope that helps someone
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