Whey protein isolate/"wheybolic"= Is it worth twice the amount of regular whey?

Joined Dec 6, 2006
So I went to GNC today to scoop up some whey.  They got big tubs for 65 of this whey isolate extreme stuff, then for 35 just the regular whey.  I have the 20% off card and coupons too, so I'm not paying "sticker" on this stuff.  Anyways, do you guys shell out the extra cash for this supercharged protein?  Does more really get absorbed? 

Where else do you buy your stuff at online?  I figured with the 20% off gold card and random coupons, it isnt a complete waste to go there, but I wouldnt mind exploring other options. 

Thanks NT!  The answer to all my lifes questions
Joined Apr 6, 2009
Its that its absorbed quicker by your body and held on to better rather than being flushed out
Both are good but the iso is a upgraded version
Do you
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