Which is the better buy??? XBOX 360 or PS3

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Wassup yall, i know this have been done plenty of times now and i usually dont come to the internet for help on these decisions but i need help lol. I really cant make a choice between a xbox 360 or ps3. ill go to the store and have a hard time picking which one i want. i been leanin toward the XBOX 360 because of the 200 price tag (i know i can get a hard drive for cheap)but i been hearing about the 3 RINGS OF DEATH but i kinda want a ps3.

which is the better system to buy???
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Depends, you want a socom machine that plays blu ray then get ps3...if you a video game system to play lots of fun games then get a 360
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I only want to play games on my console...don't care for blue ray or whatever.

3 RoD...is this still a common problem, even with the new chips on the 360?

For 199 I might just cop a 360 for the hell of it...I'll be playing sports games (Madden, NBA 2K9, etc.) and first person shooter/army games like Call ofDuty

Would also like to play online

Might get it modded too since my boy burns games free for my other friend
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PS3 is a much better machine, it does alot of things, its reliable, it has blu ray, and built in wireless internet. 360 has a much better online communityaspect (Although this can really just depend on whether your friends have 360s/PS3) Aside from the (shrinking amount of) exclusives, game lineups are prettysimilar. If you like Gran Turismo, God of War, Ratchet and Clank, go for PS3, if you like Halo, Gears, Fable, Forza, go for the 360. I have both, and I lovethe 360 since i picked it up cheap. Tryin to decide whether to sell the PS3 or not, its great to have em both but I dont have the money to buy games for bothof em and the lineups are pretty similar.
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