Which Jordan Has the Best Quality in 07'?

Joined Nov 15, 2005
i was at my house and i was looking through my jays.i pull out all the jordans that released this year. and i noticed that the flips 3 quality is on point. ihave rocked my pair about 8 times and they look brand new no creases or anything.. does anybody agree with me? what jordans you think JB did a great as far asquality?
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The only Jordans that have good quality are the latest number in the signature line (i.e. not retros of sig shoes).
Joined Oct 24, 2006
The Flip 3 is ABSOLUTELY high quality. As was the Cool grey 3.

Nothin wrong with the Black 5 either.

Cant complain on any of the 8s too.

All and all...all the 22s and retros were of very high quality.
Joined Sep 28, 2006
I would say those ugly basketball themed 22s. But my fire red IIIs are in great shape.
Joined Aug 3, 2007
Originally Posted by NY GIANTS 11

The Flip 3 is ABSOLUTELY high quality. As was the Cool grey 3.

Nothin wrong with the Black 5 either.

Cant complain on any of the 8s too.

All and all...all the 22s and retros were of very high quality.
the aquas had +@$+ quality. i wore mine like 4 times and there are very noticeable creases.
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As far as retro J's. I'll say Flips.
But no doubt the basketball leather 22's are the best quality J i've seen in a while
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I'm gonna go with Fire Red 3. I've probably worn them a dozen or more times and they are still very fresh and crisp-looking, no creases or paint chipsor anything...

EDIT- My Flips are NOT the best quality. The paint near the air bubble on the outside of the right shoe is split and chipping bad. Can the abrasiveness of mytoothbrush be a possible contributor when this occurs...
Joined Jun 20, 2007
yo NY GIANTS, sure the flips had good quality, but they are one of the most uncomfortable shoes i've ever put on
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Hov's right about that.

But My 3 retros I would pick quality wise this year are the




I think thats it quality wise. But as I always say if your looking for quality jordan/nike is not what to look for.
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I've worn all my III's about ten times except for the blackcats ( 3 or 4) and they're all still very icy.
Except for my cool greys that I spilled beer on
but the quality is verynice.
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Fire Red 3's have okay quality but some pairs aren't as good as others.

The right shoe in my pair has chipping paint and the jumpman became a pegleg and now it's almost 90% peeled off the insole...

I thought the V's had good quality but I know someone on here got a bad pair of Grapes where the paint really chipped like crazy on his...

Good to see no one mentioned the Military IV's...
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I think hands down Olive 5s are the best quality for 07.. mine seem bullet proof.... and on a side note all the people complaining about creasing on basketballshoes make me laugh..show me a pair of shoes that don't crease after pushing off to drive by someone a few times...problem is lots of people don't evenhoop in Jordans anymore they wear them walking around flat footed tryin to look cool.


Joined Jan 8, 2007
CG III and Black V quality sucked. You guys should try a pair of 2000 Black V's and 2001 retro III's and tell me if the 2007 retroes are any good.
The flips are decent, and the fire red III as well. The VIII quality also sucked. The black/chrome from 2003(?) where much better than the aquas, and thequality of the white/stealth/orange were terrible.
The white XX2s were pretty good.
Joined Mar 21, 2007
mjrm2384.... The olives was released nov 2006.....

My vote goes to the aquas, the black toes, and the flips....

Ohh yea I forgot about the xx2
Joined Nov 15, 2003
22's were excellent... but no love for the 15's? Those were mad good quality, almost like the OG's (at least if you didn't get a pair with allthe glue crap and stuff).
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