Which of your grails are actually recent releases?

Joined Jun 9, 2009
For most people, a grail is truly one of a kind and is usually a much older release that's almost unattainable. IE Jordans with the nike logo, Mocha 3s, Cement 4s, Laney 5s, Olympic 6s etc. 
But for how many of you are the shoes that you really want pretty recent releases? My grails among the ones I listed are the CDP 11s, CDP 7s, and Aqua 8s. I don't think it's wrong to have recent release grails, if you really couldn't get them when they came out. Your thoughts.
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First off, Mochas and Laneys are ugly and overhyped CWs IMO.

As long as JB at least retros the White Cement 4s and the Olympic 6s, I will be a happy man.
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Mine will be coming out soon, the Cement III's. I can't wait. I'm buying at least 3 pair and more if I can afford it.
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Originally Posted by green rhino123

never heard of the cement 4
only the white/black 4
Some of you try too hard to impress people with your "intelligence"  
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i haven't really chosen a single pair of sneakers as my grails but i really felt sum type of way when i got my aqua viii's
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Originally Posted by bballmaniac

cant wait for the white red xiii's
Agreed. I wanted these so bad. I was at Niketown SF and almost bought these. But I didn't and regret it to this day.
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grails that I obtained
white/red 12

grails that I want, but couldn't get
CDP 11,13,5

grails I wish were released
black/infrared 6, not the varsity red/suede,
charcoal 9, not the fusion
chicago 10
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I had Indiglo 14's in the 7th Grade and I need another pair it isn't really nothing I don't have that I need or am dying to get again but those. Like everyone wants those Bordeux 7's I think they are terrible(Flame On) but everyone has their preference and the Indiglos are mine nothing comes close it will be my first multiple pair purchase.
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flappy188 wrote:
[hr][/hr]my grails are the ajf VIII Aqua
that was actually a good one,

My grails are carmine and olympic 6's,bordeaux and olympic 7's,OG concord and columbia 11's,last shot 14's,OG black/red 5's,premier 23's,cement 4's and 3's

......and finally OG 2009s
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Carmine VI's, DMP XI's, Space Jam and hopefully the Infrared pack. I also do like the Hares, Doernbecher Vi's and Motorsport VI's + '06 Fire Red III's + the DMP Toro Bravo Pack + the Blk/Cement III's. I would like to see North Carolina XI's + Spt/Blue VI's + Maroon VI's + the Bourdeaux VII's.
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