which shoes will you wear/bring when you RIP?

Joined Mar 2, 2009
sorry for the morbid thread ha? curious lang me. kasi lagi ko jinojoke yung wife ko sabi ko yung kabaong ko gusto ko may emblem ng jumpmanhehehe.
tsaka yung aj11 ko gusto nka dispaly kahit hindi na mint....
Joined Apr 5, 2007
^^ Bawal yata. Sakin, okay na ako sa Islander anyway, my body's just going to rot and be eaten by worms hehehehehe
Joined Dec 16, 2008
If i go also i think ill go out in these....

and i want my homies to get AF1's laser'ed in my memory
Joined Mar 19, 2009
i believe there will be shoes in heaven, and all of them are for free. Im gonna ask jesus to play basketball with me.
Joined Apr 6, 2010
Make sure na di kita yung shoes sa burol at sa libing. Baka magkainterest yung sepulturero buksan yung nitso then kunin shoes. Pagdating mo sa heaven naka paaka nalang.
Joined Nov 26, 2002
none. The undertakers might steal it after you are burried. That's what happens when they place jewelries on corpses.
Joined May 21, 2007
I'll ask for a customized casket that looks like a nike shoebox, yung orange hehe
Joined Apr 6, 2010
Originally Posted by Trig20

I'll ask for a customized casket that looks like a nike shoebox, yung orange hehe
Good idea but instead of the Swoosh logo... Cross logo or X ang nakalagay...
Dun product info sticker nakalagay Date of Birth , Date of Death , Etc...
Joined Dec 25, 2010
ayos tong thread na to ah haha makapagshare nga

suotin ko ung aj1 ko sa kaliwa tapos terminator sa kanan. ung casket gagwin kong kamukha nung box ng jordan 1 banned ung itsura.
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