Who else thinks that Young Buck could..........

bad n fluenz

Jun 25, 2004
Would blow the hell up if he got on that West Coast gangsta funk sound? I have a hot banging track of Young Buck "shorty wanna ride" on that ****dreday beat. IT'S
HELLUVA GOOD. I love it!
I wanna hear Buck on Tupac's producers beats. Dre's beats, and some og gangsta funk beats. He sounds nice on southern beats, lets hear him on the westcoast gangsta funk sound.

Yo Buck if you read this, DO IT MAYNE. I don't want you to sound like Pac, but I do want you to it cuz you got that swag that will make u push big numbers.If you wanna sell homie, get into that.

SMH at myself thinking buck will actually read that!
Buck is actually a really good rapper!

If he got wit a Big Time Down south movement...

Signing to CTE or Grand Hustle would help.

The music is there, but movement wise he aint strong enough to be out there by himself
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