Who got the Black/Cement Dunks?

Goods & Seattle Retro sold out...closest place I can think of is Vancouver.
has anyone seen magsXL?
i went to journeys at southcenter on Sunday and they had a size 12 and 13 left. one pair of each i think. did capitol sell out too?
Size Color Status
SIZE 8 BLACK Backordered, 12/25/2006
SIZE 9 BLACK Backordered, 12/11/2006
SIZE 9.5 BLACK Backordered, 12/11/2006
SIZE 10 BLACK Backordered, 11/25/2006
SIZE 10.5 BLACK Backordered, 12/11/2006
SIZE 11 BLACK Backordered, 11/25/2006
SIZE 12 BLACK Backordered, 12/25/2006
SIZE 13 BLACK Backordered, 12/11/2006
All backorder, thanks anyways
NDS AJ IV White/Green Sz 10 75 shp
DS AJ V Olives Sz13 180 shp

AIM: AirJordanVI6 EMail: jiaminglin6@yahoo.com
up in marysville they still had em. friend went into journeys thanksgiving night and picked up his 10.5
I wanted to cop ... but those yellowed midsoles killed it for me
Two Oh Six
Looking for DS Blk/Silver 5s Sz 12
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