who is quitting the shoe game after the BLK/RED 8's???


Joined Sep 25, 2005
what a dumb a88 for saying it'll hit 1G lol them @#%$ ain't that hot. it might've if the material was dope and they were CHI Xs. but u have the shadow Xs man.. those things dont' even move well ALONE.
It is harsh !
Joined Apr 28, 2005
I won't quit.....

I think alot if long time Jordan sneaker fans might stray away from all these packs. Instead of spend 3 plus on a pack, I rather go grail shopping.
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ill get the packages. ill get 2 so that they pay for my package (pause). i got all the jordans i like which is 1-6 and my supreme sets and a few other limited dunks. there is really nothing else for me to want. im actually bored with sneakers now
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I cant stop, even though i am not into shoes as much as i used to be (mainly because of more important things in life) i love shoes too much to just quit the game. I thought about selling off alot of shoes in my collection but i always have that thought in my mind that says dont do it.

Now when i go to any mall and have no interest in walking into any shoestore then that is when i will think about quitting :lol:
. I dont know if it will ever happen.
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Quote:[hr][/hr]I don't like that we are forced to buy two shoes[hr][/hr]
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how could anyone quit before the packages
Easily...it's called bad quality. Retros are nowhere NEAR the quality of the OG's, and they cost more than the originals. I can't pay more for less. I've peeped JB's game and they save the "quality" materials for the newest released signature Jordan, and just release crap retros and retro + to the youngins that weren't born yet or too young to buy J's. Fortunately I'm 27 and don't feel like I'm missing out.
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im done after the VIII's as well
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who ever quit after the VIII's they're not a true collector. I could however see people quiting after the XX3 tho.
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im done after i have no $$$
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I don't know if I will ever lose interest in shoes. I may not buy as many as I used to, but I love them too much to stop in the near future.
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almost just need to see the xx3 and i need some vi's
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nobody ever really quits. if a new release comes out & i like it, i'll get it..and i'm always buying older retros anyways
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id say the countdown pack for me i mite not be gettin all do to the price but its worth it a shot to get every jordan that came out all at once
Joined May 27, 2007
im not stoppin after the 8's drop. i think that with spending $300+ on the packs, $200+ on the XX3, its going to limit me buying. Since i wont be buying all the packs, like others have said already, i'll be in search for my grails.
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theres a full court pressure, im just goin for the two, if im open for the three, imma take it in a second, even if theres one second and imma make it its nothin
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