who is quitting the shoe game after the BLK/RED 8's???

Joined Apr 12, 2007
I didnt realize it was a game, more of a hobby. I dont like 8s so none for me.
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all I need to compelte the collection is the 15s and the 23s (no team jordans tho) and im done but imma wait 2 quit the shoe game until i turn 20 i feel that jordan is tryna reach a younger audience with these horrible biright colorways. But if them packs are available at finish line and I get my discount im on em then ill quit. If i had all the money back from all my 15 years of gettin jays i would be able to buy a hummer and fill it up wit gas with no problem maybe even a condo. I suggest yall youngsters wake up and see where yall moneys goin if yall gettin it legally.
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I am not stopping until I have every og colorway that was produced. Right now I have atleast 1 or 2 og colorways of all the sig shoes 1-22 and a I have alot of OG,s
Actually I dont plan to stop until I have every OG made and every og colored retro, Now I know some of the rare OG,s I may not ever be able to get my hands on but I will try like hell to have them all.
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A - This thing called collecting is not "a game"
B - You guys all say after "blank shoe" I'm done, then you see the next seasons releases and the cycle starts all over again. If you wanna quit then do it now. Stop playing with yourself and be done with it.
C - If you don't like what is coming out then just don't buy any of them till something you like comes out.

I'm out.
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After 2008 I wanna see what the Brand will turn to...I've been telling myself after the XX3 and the Countdown I'm done buying new releases and concentrating on finding and copping 5-10 pair of OGs or 2nd Generation Retros like the Blk/Royal 1 and others from 3-6 with Nike Air. I'll still spend money on Jordans, just not feeding the machine that has become Brand Jordan. I want 2 colors of OGs from 3-6 and if I can find them OG 1. I'm rambling now, but to suffice I'm not quitting after the Playoff 8, but I will be entering the twilight of my collecting by this time next year. I just hope my kids will enjoy their Jordans like I do :\
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i might not cop the playoffs but im done from the shoes game after the 10 and 13 package...but ill be off to another brand


Joined Nov 6, 2005
i quit like 3 times already, its hard, Sneakers is like crack..lol, you get that HIGH when you first cop that pair you been feening for, then they get thrown in the closet with the rest of your other kicks, and you got that itch again cuz another pair comes out that you need to cop, so you run around chasing that high again. I personaly don't see myself ever stopping. just slowing down and not copping as much, cuz i always whind up selling alot of my collection that i don't wear and use that money to cop more, call it recycling...lol
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i dont see myself done anyitme soon
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Not me, I aint stoppin til I get enough
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im not im jus gettin started
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After 08 im plannin on gettin everything i missed out on from other releases so i aint stoppin
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Well pretty much in general next year iam done with jordans all together no purpose for them no more retros after the packs.
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u a jordan head not a sneaker guy cuz theres other brands besides jordan
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