who is quitting the shoe game after the BLK/RED 8's???


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Originally Posted by ooIRON MANoo

It's never been a game to me. It has been about passion.

I dig a lot of shoes, but I don't like dealing with the hassle of limited releases. I don't like that we are forced to buy two shoes, in order to get one that you truly like. I don't like paying retail.

Shoe's will be bough, but from the sounds of things, especially as more info leaks, it looks like I am passing on most of the packs.

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I want buy anymore Jordan Brand releases after the 5/18 CDP pack and the Motorsport XX3. I will continue to collect OG and retros until I feel the collectionis complete. By the end of 2009 my collection should be complete or close to it.


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Wow, my dude dug deep for thos post.

As for this post, nah. I'll cop og colorways of retros, but a lot ofmy money will be going to the Nike Retro.
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I don't support GRAVE DIGGING, but just read the first few pages of this thread before CDP started dropping. Dudes saying CDP are gonna resell for $1000and people will be lined up for every CDP release and how they are going to be so hard to get because of hypebeast.
It's actually kinda interesting how we were perceiving the all the hype forevery Pack.


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my bad, forreal
won't happen again, i was really just lookin into this post for the countdown pack hype, shouldnt have commented like that. and for my other posts to,wasn't on NT when those were posted. Complete newb mistake on my part
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