Who just reads the cliffs?? vol. Your life is too long bro

luciano jones

Joined Aug 1, 2011
If its something worth reading, then by all means ill read it. But useless wall of text 
 no bueno
Joined Jun 28, 2007
Originally Posted by SoVerSoTowel

how would you know its a useless wall of text unless you read it

I base whether or not Im going to read a wall-o-text based on the first few sentences, but I try my best to read everything someone posts.
Joined Apr 12, 2011
if someone took the time to post it ill take 5 min to read it. if it isnt worth it ill talk %+@+
Joined Aug 24, 2009
I hate cliffs, they don't have enough detail. Most of the topics are pretty interesting so I'll read all of it.
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