who needs to hit a home run on their next album or they're done.

Joined Jun 1, 2011
Definitely 50 Cent, but like you said, he may already be done. And I can see people saying T.I. too.

Ludacris has 3 REALLY good albums (1,2,&6), 3 good albums (3,4,5), and 1 meh (7). He's no where near done, and won't
be on the next.
Joined Dec 18, 2006
GAME, if this album isnt good...everyone on that bus is getting off...

he used to be my fav rapper when he put out his first two albums...but after that he's been weak =/
Joined Apr 19, 2011
@ names like Luda and Jada being mentioned. _'s drop a 16 here and there like they usually do and they'll be semi-relevant.

TM 103, anyone? Not saying it needs to be a classic but Jeezy can't afford to drop a dud if he (still) wants his name up there with the other heavy hitters.
Joined Sep 22, 2009
In this climate, I don't think anyone can really afford to put out a dud of an album. It's hard enough to get a release date as is. Artists can't even put out a bad mixtape without putting their careers on the line.
Joined Jul 19, 2011
the game- use be my favorite rapper back when he was in G-unit.
documentary was classic and the doctors advocate and LAX were both dope but hes fallin off
Joined Mar 2, 2011
Jeezy & 50 have both lost luster and popularity IMO.. They need to get back.

T.I. will be fine.

J. Cole? Sit down.
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