Who shops at Abercrombie, Hollister, Aeropostale, whatever

Joined Jun 29, 2008
I don't. Why spend 90 dollars on a pair of denim? Its not like the quality is any better.
Joined Dec 13, 2008
damn didnt know people thought those brands were expensive.

I think alot of the more expensive jeans do have better quality though. Not necessarily Abercrombie,Hollister, or Aeropostale though.
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the price of A&F denim continues to rise...one thing i will say, is that I have jeans from A&F that are close to 8 years old and they are holding upwell....
Their current prices arent in the "designer" denim category, but they are headed that way.
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nah pass on all those, aint those brands for cali surfer dudes

their stores being having some bad white chicks up in there though
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LOL How do you think they pay their models?

I will admist I have bought American Eagle Shirt I like them (shirts not Tee's)
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I go to the Swap Shop (flea market) for tall tees
TJ Maxx/Marshalls etc. for jeans and pants
Walmart for Dickies
Champs for basketball shorts
But I spend most of my time in the Shoe stores... oh and the VAST majority of my spending money


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I have some stuff from Abercrombie and American Eagle. I like the tees and jeans. Plus the girls who shop their tend to be

(Sue me...
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It baffles me because Im black, and a lot of the black/african-american kids in florida have jumped all over holister, AE, Aeropastle, etc and these surfertype brands. It started in about late 07, a year after I graduated. In high school, it was all about polo RL, Sean John, Rocawear, etc. You got the few thatstill wear ed hardy and that type but it's crazy. Hood cats that rocked lame #!! Coogi now all of a sudden rockin these surfer brands. Not knocking thosebrands but you got stores like Urbanoutfitters that has similar items for cheaper w/out all that gaudy stuff on their shirts like the graphics and patches orwhatnot. I'll stick to my polo RL, streetwear %#% like crooks, L&D, Pegleg, etc before I ever hop on that surfer train. I rock with Urbanoutfittersthough. Too bad the south dosent have an H&M. If we did, i'd be all over it.
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Originally Posted by bkmac

I have some stuff from Abercrombie and American Eagle. I like the tees and jeans. Plus the girls who shop their tend to be

(Sue me...
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That's even more expensive...
JPZx, polo can be had for cheap if you know when to catch sales and look in the right places. Only time I ever had polo forretail was back when I was in like elementary school. And it was cheaper because they were kids sizes. I'd rather wait, find a polo shirt/rugby, etc for$40-50 then spend that money at AE or Abercrombie. Not to mention, polo denim can be found for cheap as well. You just have to wait and know where to peruse.
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