Who still eats jack in the box?

Joined Dec 3, 2014
Just had two tacos and they are so damn trash will never eat from their again

It has me so heated [emoji]128545[/emoji][emoji]128545[/emoji][emoji]128545[/emoji][emoji]128545[/emoji]

I need some better options for late night food

two zero five

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Aint Jack In The Box a burger place? Why you cop tacos? Yo folks aint grill for the forth? #Poar

Never had JITB.......
Joined Dec 3, 2014
Aint Jack In The Box a burger place? Why you cop tacos? Yo folks aint grill for the forth? #Poar

Never had JITB.......
Nah man my mom didnt let me copnsome hot dogs to throw on the grill..

Because their burgers are garbage

I think ima cop some in n out insteat but it closes in like an hour i think smh


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You should have copped the big cheeseburger on sourdough bread or the ultimate breakfast sandwich. The tacos are usually banging though. Jack is hands down one of my favorite fast food restaurants behind What A Burger. Too bad I'm not eating meat anymore so I dont **** w fast food anymore.
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This man knows.
I texted you back B.
Shoulda got the jr bacon cheese burger on sourdough
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They don't do the munchie meal round your way? :lol:

Its gross as hell when you think about it for too long but what the hay. A hellapeño burger, curley/regular fry, two tacos, and a drink for 6$?? :smokin
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Why would you go to a burger place and get tacos expecting it'd be straight. That's like me going to a Chinese restaurant for a burger expecting it to be great. You need to get the Ultimate Cheeseburger, Sourdough Jack, or Jumbo Jack than you can have meanigful opinion.
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You went to Jack in the Box for tacos. TACOS. At a burger spot. Jack is solid in the burger department, probably the best fast food there is. But you went for tacos. You deserve everything you got.


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Waffle House sucks gazzelle ****. Jack in the box is better than Taco Bell an McDonald's
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Ok, so its not just not me. Jack=basura now. It's damn near uneatable. I don't know if I didn't notice before but damn they suck...
Joined Dec 13, 2004
Buttery Jack is pretty good.
This. I like the Sourdough Jack too, that's my go to burger there.

Their tacos were never that good, I used to just eat it with my friends during high school because they were dirt cheap.
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