Who the hell in their right mind does this?

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So I go into the fridge and pull out all the stuff to make a sandwich..The last thing I pull out is the ham..I look inside and there's 1 1/2 slices of deli sliced ham. Why the hell would somebody make a sandwich and leave 1 1/2 thin %%$ slices of ham in the bag? What kind of god damn sandwich am I going to make with 1 1/2 slices of DELI SLICED HAM? 
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Originally Posted by VARSITY kid

Originally Posted by SoleAsian

The bigger question is why are YOU making a sandwich instead of your woman.
Cause he cant get one?

Im single too
Been with my girl for 5 years and she doesn't live with me..
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Originally Posted by VARSITY kid

its all love fam. can someone teach me how to do a spoiler?!
You can go to quick reply and hit CTRL + S and it will appear like magic. When do you add reply though it's kinda different...

You do something like
add text here
Make sure you add a / right before the S of the second spoiler though so it would look like: [ /Spoiler  ]
Just spaced it out so you could see what it looks like
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