who was at the Jay-z concert on wendsday?

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well i wasn't 

Did anyone see jay's bodyguard throw a guy off the stage when he tried to pull a lil mama.. i saw the vid on worldstar. 

also heard the concert wasnt "all that". any feedback?

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i was a couple rows up from the side he got towed off of. too funny
trey was in the way. jeezy ripped it and jay did what he does... overall decent show

im mad you made this post based off the vid and not out of being in attendence
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Concert was worth every dime, although I got there on CPT time.

Free entrance, so whateva.

Trey, Wale, Jeezy, Jay all did their thing. Jay's set was long as a muva...

The afterparty outside -- viewing the eye candy on 7th street from 11 pm - 1 am -- was even better....
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I enjoyed myself at the concert so it was worth it to me.  Dude got tossed off the stage with the quickness.

The afterparty outside -- viewing the eye candy on 7th street from 11 pm - 1 am -- was even better
Indeed, just an early sign of what to expect once it heats up.

it was dope. bmore show was better..
Not to me.
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jay z. pharrell. wale x ucb. j cole.


trey. jeezy. jay z.

trey did put on a dope set tho.
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Bmore show was better...

There was some good eye candy and also alot of females trying to hard...
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It was actually kinda sad Wale didn't get a full performance in his hometown. Wasn't really impressed as I've seen Jay many times before. LOTS of wrongness in there. I could've done without Jeezy. Trey was cool, I wish he'd done a few more of the Mixtape songs. I think I'm too old for these big stadium shows. I need to hit the more intimate settings. Alot of Nicki Minaj wannabes.



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I had some pretty good seats up towards the front of section 1...I must be blind 'cause I didn't even see son get thrown off stage
..hilarious..anyone see Darnell Dockett (AZ Cards), I think that was him.

this show was better than the Bmore show IMO....Can I Live
.. Trey's set was also cool.
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Originally Posted by jupeezy

if u have seen one jay-z show u have seen em all.....
I saw him once for like 10 minutes or so, he did only like 1 or 2 songs and he was gone. It was at Obama's neighborhood ball on inauguration night. 
I heard that jeezy forgot the lyrics to some of his songs, that kinda the reason i wanted to go, see him and jay.  
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I went, was up there with my 'ol skool Wheaton Squad, EZ Primo, et al....

Sneakaman DAN, we figured you'd be in there with "ya mans" or at least Sway, lol... Anyway,

Trey's set was good, not awesome but solid... High note was bringin out WALL-AY for "pretty girls"... The Phone Booth was DEF jumpin....

Jeezy was pretty baked/pilt, forgot his lyrics (didn't even rap most hooks), and STAYED off cue... I was pretty dissappointed in his performance, but I can't say I was surprised as I came in with low expectaitons

Jay's set was GOOD, but Short... I def didn't like Jeezy giving jay a breather and performing mid-Jigga, while that bamma changed to another all-black-everything outfit, lol....
I co-sign the "can i live" portion of the set, and jay goin accapella on a couple of occasions to actually showcase his lyrical ability was pretty sick...
Overall I enjoyed myself but my ticket was def not worth $100... $80 at best... I saw Jay and Mary a couple of years back for about the same amount AND that show was WAY better.... IMO
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