who works for t mobile? got a question...

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do u need credit to buy a new t mobile phone?

i wanna get the galaxy s4 but my credit is horrible...

can anyone shed light on this?

thanks in advance.
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and then how do i get service?

had sprint for a while but it was with my old job...
There's unlocked ones and carrier specifc ones. I am not exactly an expert but I've bought unlocked phones. put my own SIM card in and it worked right away.

Edit: wait do you have your own SIM card with service?
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You do need credit but only if your getting a phone on the payment plan. If you bring your own say L9 or nexus 4 then no credit needed
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Bump, my neighbor just asked me the same question today. He's wondering the same for any carrier Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc.
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You'll always be approved no matter where you go.  If your credit is bad, all they'll ask you is for a $200 deposit AT MOST.
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T-mobile as prepaid 4G. I'm trying to figure out how to get a discount on a HTC One X or a Galaxy Note 3 :x :smh:


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Yeah when I worked for verizon some people who really wanted the iPhone 4 had 750 dollar deposits. Tmobile has the least highest credit restrictions as far as mobile carriers.
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Prepaid service do not require credit check, which is something you should look at. But if you are trying to open any postpaid account in any carrier, ofcourse they will run a credit check on you. Specially T Mobile, due to the fact that they allow you to finance the phones while also for that same reason, the deposit wont be as high as other companies such as Verizon or AT&T since you will most likely have a higher downpayment on the phones than most.

Just buy the phone out right from the various websites that sell unlocked or carrier specific phones and get a prepaid. $60 prepaid service at Tmobile gets you Unlimited Talk & Text with 2GB of data.
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