Whos do you think is HOTTER megan FOX or Rihanna... EDIT Pics pg3

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Rihanna is Hella UGLY. She dresses tacky and she looks Semi ******ed.

Ol' road runner lookin !$% #*$%.

But I also think Megan Fox is the sexiest white girl In show biz.

Megan Fox by FARRRR

ps, Im black GAY
Took the words right out of my mouth.....Megan Fox easily. I appreciate Rihanna from the neck down tho.

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rihanna all dayyy. megan fox got funny @$% thumbs, a butt deficiency and 1 eye smaller than the other. HOWEVER, i will still easily smash megan lol jus feel like rihanna>> fox . plus we seen them rihanna n00dz so
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