Who's watching The Tonight Show w/ Leno TONIGHT? i think it's on right now for the east coast

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Never really watched Leno unless it was a rare guest, and that was once in a blue moon.
I only really followed Conan.
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Im not even gonna let my tv pass NBC on that time slot.   i dont' want to give NBC my ratings.  im salty yes lol i love Conan. 
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Never cared much for these late night shows to watch them EVERY night. I prefer Conan but I'll still tune in every now and then for Leno if I'm bored at night and nothing else is on. But I did the same w/ Conan too. I just can't stand Letterman...I can see why people say Leno isn't funny but how can you not say the same for Letterman too? In the end though, Conan lost big-time. Dude had a perfect situation as host of the Tonight Show and now his career may never be the same, even if he gets a new show.
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i enjoy leno's monologues and segments but i think that's a stupid move he did to conan... i feel for conan and hope conan will get hit with good karma...
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