Why are NFL draft picks worth so much?

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as compared to NBA/MLB draft picks?

seems like even legitimate stars in the NFL will get traded for something like a 2nd/3rd round draft pick, many times when the star is still very productive and the team getting the pick could only hope that the pick would turn out to be as good as the star they traded in a best case scenario. An example of this is when the raiders traded Randy Moss for a 4th round draft pick.

compare this to the nba, where teams are using draft picks as icing on the cake in deals, not the whole cake.
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I think because the "lifespan" of an NFL player is so short , they need it now.

And aside from the practice squad there isn't anywhere else but the actual field for a player to mature unlike the NBDL and minor leagues.
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I cant understand it either. teams in the NBA be giving away pics that end up in the top 5, (The wiz last year) while The NFl holds on to a 4th round pick like its gold.Dudes getting drafter late hardly even have a shot of making the team. smh


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Surely it's just to do with the number of players on a team - a 2nd round pick is worth more because the talent is spread out a lot more.

There are about 400 players in the NBA and 1400 in the NFL so third round pick for a NFL team is worth a lot more than a third round NBA pick - you could argue that statistically it's like a later first round pick (because there are 3 times as many active players).
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The Free Agent and Trade markets in the NFL make picks more valuable... We don't see nearly the amount of player movement in the NFL as we do in the MLB/NBA...
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I think its because most NBA contracts are guaranteed. You can't constantly revamp your roster like in the NFL. Look at a team like the Cavs they only have 5 possible free agents ( Lebron,Shaq, Big Z, Powe and J. Williams) out of 15 total spots. There isnt alot room for constant improvement thru player movement. Then even with only 2 rounds in the NBA Draft how many of those draft picks are ready to contribute now?

Also the NBA is a star driven leauge. You aint winning big unless you have one of these stars. You look at all the guys who have won/been succesful over the past decade( Kobe,Lebron,Wade,Durant,Melo,Duncan,Shaq,Iverson,Dirk,Kidd,Vince Carter, McGrady etc) and most of those stars were Lottery picks
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The average price of an NFL ticket is about 80 bucks. The average price of a playoff NFL team is about 150 bucks. Winning right now = more $
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