Why are people so sure Babe Ruth didnt use steroids?

Joined Feb 28, 2008
And dont give me any crap like "because they steroids were not invented yet"

Little suspicious how dude retired with almost 200+ homers more than the next closest players of his time period (Jimmie Foxx, Mel Ott, Lou Gherig). Alsopitching in 17 games (12 of them complete) the same season he drives in 114 runs

de phx jose

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Maybe that's why he was ragarded as the best hitter? He was so good, it was unbelievable
Joined Aug 2, 2001
Nobody even really lifted weights back then, dumb question...and if todays high-tech steroids still shrink your balls, give you acne, and mess you up ingeneral imagine what steroids back then would of done...he would of looked like the elephant man.
Joined Sep 29, 2008
Good question. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised one day if they found out that some ballplayers from back in the day used some sort of enhancements whethera using a steroid or doing some other illegal stuff like tipping pitches. Time will tell.
Joined Sep 29, 2005
Because if he had access to something, wouldn't someone else would have hit similar numbers too? I can't imagine some secret ingredient being solelyavailable to him. Just another attempt to bring the white man down.
Joined Jan 27, 2001
TS brings up a good point imo.

You guys REALLY think baseball players weren't doing SOMETHING to get an edge back in the days??

People act like cheating was invented at the same time as steroids.....
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