Why are some well off people so frugal?

Joined Dec 9, 2009
A few people I've known for over 10 years and know how much money they make/their parents made (when they didnt work), know what investments, properties they own act so frugal most of the time that its annoying.
Driving a 15 year old car, buying crappy shoes/clothes, buying the cheapest possible electronics, not splurging anywhere. Theyre constantly looking for ways to multiply their money but never treat themselves.
I know the saying " they wouldnt be rich if they spent money on stupid crap" but damn gotta treat yourself and live within your means, not wayyy below. Whats the point in having money if you choose the lifestyle of a bum and constantly have to worry about money?
Joined Feb 28, 2009
Because you short sighted fool. Some people are les of a victims of the American religion which is consumerism. Some people actually see long term gains rather than instant gratification. Instead of being so mad they aren't like you spending their money on plastic that doesn't hold any monetary value, you should perhaps learn from frugal folk and start seeing that the future is uncertain and perhaps having some money, preferably gold, would come in handy when bums are out in the streets robbing people cus they couldn't keep money in their savings account.
Joined Mar 26, 2013
thats how they stay rich. bet they have a fly house and multiple properties tho. they are paper chasers 
Joined Nov 4, 2012
People who got money dress like theyre broke and people that are broke dress like they got money
Joined Dec 28, 2003
That's how the rich stay rich.

Look at all the dumb ************* that got rich and went broke (rappers, ball players etc.).
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