Why are they your Holy Grails????

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As the title says, "Why are they your Holy Grails?"  I see everyone talk about Jordans being their holy grails but no one ever talks about why they're their holy grails.
The VIII's are my holy grails. When I was a kid, my parents couldn't afford to buy us expensive sneakers. My parents always bought me "Thom Mcan" sneakers. Whenever I wore my Thom Mcan sneaks I would always hear the kids singing "Rejects, they're $1.99, Rejects, they make your feet feel fine." 

When the VIII's came out, I begged my parents to buy me a pair. I was mesmerized with the idea of having straps crossing over the shoelaces. After doing weeks of extra work around the house, my parents bought me the playoff VIII's. These were my first expensive/brand name sneakers. I was wearing these sneakers everyday for a good yr and a half after getting them (even after they were beat to death). One day I left them in my gym locker and when I came back I was pissed to see that someone stole them from out my locker 

After that, my parents never bought me another pair of sneakers. 
 I wore only boots and shoes for the remainder of my teenage years. Even when I started working, I was so accustomed to not wearing sneakers, that I had no urge to buy a pair of sneakers. 

Fast forward to 2003 and I'm sitting in the barbershop when I see a dude walk in with the White/Red VIII's. "Am I bugging," is what I thought to myself, "Are those what I think they are?". I was staring at his sneakers when he noticed me looking. "I copped them early for $200," he told me. Confused at what he meant, he explained to me that they were retroing the sneakers in a couple weeks.  Retroing???  I had no idea what that meant as I hadn't looked at or owned a pair of sneakers in years. I had no idea sneaker companies were rereleasing earlier models of sneakers. That week I went to the spot he recommended and picked up two pairs of the white/red VIII's for $180 each. 

From that day on I learned everything I could about sneakers. It became my hobby and love. I was buying all types of sneakers. When 2007 rolled around,  I was excited to finally get my hands on a pair of Playoff VIII's. Surprisingly, after buying the VIII's I stopped buying sneakers (except for the occasional 2-3 pairs a year) 

The VIII's are my grails. My love of sneakers starts with the VIII's and they end with them.

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Yes, Cool story Bro! 
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