why are you a sneakerhead? (real sneakerheads only)

Joined Oct 23, 2003
seems like people nowadays (sneakerheads as what they call themselfs) only think the shoes is hot depending on the hype over the internet. if the shoes isnt OG colorway, unlimited, or different material they wont buy.. jus like the retro12s ND MANY MORE.. to me i collect/buy shoes because i think they are hot.. not coz of the hype or anything like that. idc what people say if its hot it'll be in my closet.. and thats why every single shoes in my closet are what i called my PERSONAL collection..  how bout you NTers, share some love, thoughts on what has this new generation been missing... 
Joined Jan 16, 2008
I'm a sneaker head because I love shoes, point blank. I have a lot of shoes people wouldn't even consider as "collectors items" but they're hot to me. I don't buy sneaks to turn heads and break necks.
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