Why can't iPods have remote controller in style of those of Sony MiniDiscs?

Oct 6, 2007
Why can't they make remote controller for the iPods that look the one Sony used to have in their MiniDiscs? Like just have really a one line or two linelcd screen with playback control and like song tittle and other minimal information?

Sort of like these:





Because apple sucks and theyre a bunch of greedy bastards...

i still own a few ipods and a couple iphones
Originally Posted by notoriousPAT

yeah because we all know how successful the MINIDISC was...
I mean I know it wasnt that successful but the controller is a good idea. You can have your iPod on your backpack and then the controller clippedto a strap and you never really have to take ur ipod out and what not.
i mean they did have an extended "remote" that conencted to your headphones so u could adjust volume and skip tracks, but the lcd thing was overkillin their eyes
naw, for the previous generations, i believe 4th? they had a remote, it didnt have a screen, but you could change tracks and volume, i had one, but then i gota new ipod and it was useless =(
my brother bought the new in ear earphones from apple. the ones w/ the remote

he says the sound is better than the previous in ear apple earphones


you need the newest generation ipod to fully utillize the damned things. you cant use the remote unless you have the newest version of each ipod. soooooo theremote is useless to him

i on the other hand, bought another pair of shure se210s
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