why did adidas stop making Feet You Wear shoes?

Apr 26, 2005
why'd they stop? those shoes were the best, top ten 2000, 2010, elevation, kb8, kb8 II, real deal, forum, bromium, all of them were nice shoes.. some morethan others. so how come they stopped using the logo they had. the top ten 2000 dont have it anymore, why not? adidas still has the rights to them, how comethey dont use it anymore? i loved that logo...


Something with the guy who created FYW and the patent for it. Some sort of discrepancy arose.

So now they just use adiprene+ and regular adiprene to compensate.
Yeah ,I read somewhere the FYW was from another company and something happened so the contract wasn't renewed. Therefore, they couldn't produce the FYWtechnology in the shoes anymore.
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Yeah ,I read somewhere the FYW was from another company and something happened so the contract wasn't renewed. Therefore, they couldn't produce the FYW technology in the shoes anymore.
what you mean they couldnt produce the FYW technology? the retro top ten 2000 still has it, wasnt that FYW the shape of the sole??? that the soleof the shoe is similar to your foot? the only thing they are not doing is making use of the logo
FYW is the cushioning system of the shoes, not just the outlook of the sole. Some good cushioning at that, it's a shame they couldn't figure somethingout to use FYW again......
I thought the Real Deals that came out recently used FYW too. Or do those just look like it?

Anyway, Formotion seems like an updated version and there are plenty of shoes that utilize that.

I always wanted to play in FYW shoes though.
if FYW is the cushioning, then why do they have the sole shaped like a face and why is that logo not used anymore? besides i thought the cushioning wasadiprene and they also combined that with Torsion.
That's part of the gimmick...feet you wear had a different cushioning feel to it, ask anyone who have the og and retro versions...can someone else pleaseback this up please......
Sorry, Jman8811, I agree it feels great, but it FYW isn't really about cushioning. The soles and midsole are shaped like the soles of your feet, to qoutethe old ads, "Th greatest piece of sports equipment ever created". It is rounded and contoured like the balls and heel of your feet, to promote amore natural running and cutting motion and keep you lower to the ground, like an early, to me better version of Nike Free. Don't get me wrong, I love itand it feels great, like nothing else, but it really doesn't contribute to cushioning.
It was because of a patent issue. The original designer of FYW owned the patent, & when the contract ran out adidas didn't renew. Fast forward to thepast year or so. adidas has retroed some of the old FYW shoes. adidas worked on something with the original designer to get a deal done, but no contract wasagreed upon. That is why you don't see the "Freddie FYW" logo on any of the retroes. But the FYW concept is not just about the logo, but is aboutthe specs of the design of the shoe. The designer owns the patent to that as well, as adidas had to make small modifications to be able to retro the shoes thatthey did.
^^So you don't think that it helped with the cushioning and feel of the shoe? The retroes in no way feel as close to the og's...but I do agree withyour point on the early, better version of nike free tech......
Oh, yeah, it definitely helps the feel of the shoe. Keeps the foot lower to the ground, flexes more normally, and the rounded edges allow a better push-offlaterally and vertically. I have just found that as far as impact protection, there was no noticeable benefit. It was a definite technology to watch and Iwould have loved to see the advancement potential realized. However, knowing adidas, the would have treated it like the Formotion pods and probably trashed theidea after the first year (not the current Formotion, the pods from two years ago). And you are right, the retros feel stiffer on the countours. May be adifference in materials or something.
^ nice Eric! i have the white pair in my trunk sz12. i got them 4 years ago for $40 at some little sports store we stopped at on our way to Disneyland for GradNight, haha. i'll always remember that.

FYW is GREAT! one of the only footwear lines that always draws my attention. and not just for the basketball shoes, but the running and other categories aswell (Keyshawn Johnson anyone?) . i would love to be able to find old catalog pics of the entire line, and be able to see every FYW shoe made. the comfort wasamazing and the quality top notch.

i guess i'll just keep searching ebay, or wait for /// to give them the retro treatment. some amazing and underrated shoes to say the least...

edit: a few things from my quick search...
FYW Info
They're feet, that you wear

Thats when adidas was at the top of their game....I loved how they used the 3 stripes in a variety of ways...not the boring ways now..
^ I might have to dig out my KB8 II's after seeing that! Hardly worn them that much as i prefered the KB8 III's for ball. My III's are pretty muchtrashed now unfortunately
Some of the best B Ball shoes ever made imo.
kobe's first shoe was the top 10 2000 right? even though it wasn't a signature shoe. been arguin this with my bro for awhile.
they have some lowtop running shoes called the mercury, i saw at adidas outlet. pretty damn comfy

CWebb rocking those during the VC slam dunk contest ?

I dont know why i remember that ...

Those were known as the "Donovan Bailey's" north of the border.
I used to have the Adidas Equipment Elevation and I gotta say its one of the best basketball shoes I've ever worn..
I think Peter Moore of NIKE and Air Jordan fame created Feet You Wear.
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