Why Did I Get Married Too? GO SEE IT! NO SPOILERS

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I saw it yesterday and it was Tyler Perrys' BEST work. It was funny but it sent so many messages. I suggest everyone go see it. Especially if you're in a relationship. It will teach you a lot.

Anybody go see it?
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Ahhh I can wait to see it. Maybe i'll go check it out tonight. Janet Jacksons acting looks great from the trailer.
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^^no, it was not
The actin was horrible, the ending was horrible
The movie was not that good @ all

Los Angeles

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I'm still lagging on watching the first one.

Tyler Perry is whack btw.
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Saw it last night with the lady. Agreed, great movie but (SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


  I hate it when at the end they're at the hospital and Janet tells everyone to love your wife/husband, and they all come together and kiss. That's corny hollywood %$% right there. Weak. Um, worrying about your friend, ex husband should be the more serious matter and thought in that scene. The Rock had me laughing


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Originally Posted by UptownsDotNetStacky

I don't rock with anything Tyler Perry makes....I don't watch ****ery or bafoonery so.....EZ PASS

I rather watch a plant grow.

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OP is there any of this ****ery or bafoonery in the movie?

I kinda want to see it but you know Tyler Perry's flicks have the rep of promoting foolish behavior.
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I got a chance to check it out yesterday.

The movie makes you think A LOT about the decisions you make in relationships...

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Word the come together and love each other scene was OD corny

I figured Tyler Perry couldn't go for much longer without a light skin dude in his movies...Pretty much all his other movies involved the girl gettin a tall buff light skin dude so I'm guessin he wants to give the 3rd one the same treatment.

Other than that the movie was good a lot crazier than the first one, if u do see it ,see it with ur girl or ur moms this ain't a movie u see with ur boys
at the dudes who in the theatre I was at going to see this instead of Clash of the titans or something...
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Originally Posted by illwill8710

OP is there any of this ****ery or bafoonery in the movie?

I kinda want to see it but you know Tyler Perry's flicks have the rep of promoting foolish behavior.
Man its drama, but people need to get off the "****ery" stuff. Don't nobody ever say a word about white people. "Oh there they go again acting like whitety".

Dudes be hating for NO REASON. Just like the Tyler Perry thread we had a while back. Dudes were hating but couldn't back up their claims. Watch the 1st movie and then watch this one and show me the "****ery"?

Matter of fact, someone please give me examples of the ****ery?

"American cars are trash."
"Because they're made in America."

"Tyler Perry is trash."
"Because He puts on a minstrel show"
"He's just trash"

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the end was wack but it was a enjoyable movie to me

when Janet husband tried to take the profit from her book...I had the
expression that was a real feminine move

the woman that was always yelling and trying to get dudes phone pw had me
the whole movie
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