Why do 2g iPhones sell for so much?

Jul 2, 2002
I just got $150 on ebay for my completely busted iPhone. It works perfectly but doesn't have a SIM and the screen is done.

Anybody know what the big deal is?
good to know, i'm gonna have to flip mine when the new ones come out and the thing is busted pretty bad
How messed up was it? I have my OG one from when they first dropped but the power button stopped working. I was thinking of pushing it to get a Bold, so I waswondering how much I could get for it.....
i think they are easier to unlock??

i dont know, i just pulled that out of my $@%.
The earpiece area is completely cracked down to the actual touch screen and the screen itself is cracked on the entire left side. Everything else is goodthough and the screen still works perfectly. Crazy...I just got a 3g for $50 and they lowered my monthly payments from $50 to $40
they sell for alot because 3g sells for twice as much still
and there is no point to get 3g if u have tmobile because there 3g network is different than AT&T so u would pretty much be getting a 2g iphone. if thatmakes sense
how much u think i can get for my iphone unlocked 2G 8gb
one crack in the screen.

??any ideas what that woudl sell for
cell phones are generally expensive.. i'm trying copp an oldschool Nokia 8200 (
).. 6-7 yr old phones are like $100 a piece..
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