Why Do Guys Like Wayne Brady And Bryant Gumbel Get Ostracized By Other Black People?


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I recently read this from a poster in regards to Bill Cosby:
yet soon as the money came, dude switched up and became Byron Gumble
What is wrong with being Byron Gumble?
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c'mon bro really?

it's incredibly obvious.

many blacks play into stereotypes of how blacks are supposed to be and they are very different from those stereotypes.

is it right? no. oh well.

now there's about to be a million page thread of bickering about nothing when it's clear why blacks say "you don't act black"

and blah blah blah. no new info will be shared. feelings will be hurt. somebody might get banned. :smh: it's sad really.


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Is that really what you gathered from that quote? Seriously?

Noone cares nor has a problem with Bryant Gumble. Not only did you take that out of context you completely missed the point in regards to Cosby and his ability to relate the community that he frequently talks down too.
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They are ostracized by many ppl of different color and backgrounds. They are also appreciated by many ppl of different color and background. So, yea. I think your off.
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I have no problems with Bryant Gumbel, except for when he cried when Prince played piano for him and dressed like him on his last Today show. But then again, it was the first and only time that Prince had ever dressed that way (normal) so maybe I would've cried too.

Why are you putting all black people in a box OP? I'm not the straight laced type and lean more toward the "urban type" ( :smh: ) than the Gumbel "type" (you know the stereotypes... token blacks, etc), but I don't have a problem with him. All black folks don't think alike and we don't all support and denounce in unison any black person in popular culture. We are individuals.
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I wouldn't call Bill Cosby "Bryant Gumbel".. I just think he has his own opinions and isn't afraid to say things people wouldn't want him to say.

And you missed the point of that comment. The emphasis isn't on "Bryant Gumbel", the emphasis is on "he switched up".. that is, the commenter has a problem with how Cosby abandoned his roots and tried to portray a different facade of himself as he got more successful.


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Its mostly because they do everything to disassociate themselves from their race in order to garner favor from in many cases white America, add to the fact that many times they do not discuss or mention anything in reference to their race when race related topics/subjects come about. And when they do its usually lowkey bashing and ridicule in attempt to separate themselves from their own race...on some see im not like all the "insert negative stereotypes" associated with "theses people" im one of the good ones.

The fact that ppl use the term cause they aint real etc...shows the level of stereotype and ignorance ppl associate with the black culture and blacks in general.....its if to say being true having integrity and respect and pride in your race is being loud, ghetto etc...and all the other ignorant mindsets and ideologies ppl in general label with black and "keeping it real"

Its understandable the level of stupidity and ignorance of other races.... but when a person does it and buys into it about their own race...there lies the problem.

I mean if you think about it what other race of ppl in large (outside possibly Asians etc...who assimilate even change names etc) Who completely change who they are as a person, deny their roots race and buy in large stereotypes about their own ppl, and discredit and shun and look down on their own, just to conform and be so called accepted by another race of ppl?
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