Why do people say McGrady is so much better than Carter?

Jul 9, 2007
I miss both of them terribly in Toronto NH

However, I've noticed people talking about hall of fame and what not including McGrady in discussions... Well what has McGrady done thats so much better than Carter?

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Because he is.
I don't know about hall of fame, but he is an amazing player and has a overall better game than VC.

That's my word

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Overall tracy is a better player. He's a better passer and rebounder than vince. I can't decide who's more clutch because I've seen tracy do 13 in 35 secs, but I've also seen vince hit gw shots against utah,toronto etc.
People are going to come and say vince made it past the first round. But wat does it matter if he's going to dribble the ball off his foot
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tmac can score AND facilitate with the best of them.

i don't think vince can control a game w/ his passing. tmac can be magic if he wants to in terms of PG play.
Because Vince is soft as huggies and sweet as kool-aid NH

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Although not MUCH greater, Vince has had greater playoff and team success than Tracy. Especially in Toronto where they were within a few minutes of the conference finals...

But as far as individual talent, I'll admit T-Mac is a little more of the total package. But it's not by a landslide as some would make it seem...

tmac can be magic if he wants to in terms of PG play.
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T Mac is slow for his position and his individual defense is lacking imo

slow? he can get to the basket almost anytime he wants. dont confuse his demeanor w/ his speed. also tmac can be a lockdown defender when he wants to. ask dirk or even glenn robinson. didnt kobe just shoot 13-32 agaisnt him?
Tmac is way better overall bc he can run the 1-4 if he has too. VC has the heart of a 7 year old. If people crowd him then he goes away from contact and he starts shootin fade away J's from the trey ball line or he gets the whinny face. I remember after he said something about Kobe scoring 81 and then like the next game the Laker show came to Jersey. Kobe held dude to like 9 points the whole game :lol:
Kobe was disrespecting dude so much and at one point Vince got soo mad he was ready to fight. Vince is just a flat out ()
To be quite honest, they both possess the same offensive arsenal. Vince can run the point as well, which is what he does for the Nets when Kidd is on the bench. Where they, Mac and Vince, differ, is on the Defensive end.

Kobe, Vince, TMac, Wade, Pierce, Carmelo to a certain extent, then the young Mr. Durant, all do the same thing to different degrees.

None will win without a Big in the middle, then a Point man to distribute the ball.

This is what separates MJ from them all.


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I would say they are about equal. TMac gets the edge b/c of height. VC is a very underrated passer.
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