Why is it so hard to get a Tattoo in Chicago??

Jun 18, 2007
On the really real, im having a big problem finding an artist that will actually sit down and draw up what I have in mind.

They all seem flaky and dont want to actually work. Do you have to get some crappy flash art or something?

Im looking for a really good artist to do a half sleeve for me, and it seems like mission imossible.

Has anyone had this problem, or have any suggestions?
Go to Deluxx Tattoo...go to ben he is raw as hell. i got my work done by a dude who isnt there anymore but its a dope spot.

or Frank at family tattoo on belmont..ive some of stuff real dope and they usually have time. of course u have to set up an appt.

are u tryin to get a sleeve all at once...?
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im just lookin for someone to show me they are willing and have time to do it. Your the second person to tell me check out Family Tat...I live not too far from there so ill check them out

how long did you wait to get seen at Deluxe? seems like everyone there has a wait of a few months (im not even going to try ben, he's probably no even taking appts now)
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