Why is Popeyes so slow


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I FINALLY! had them joints yesterday, and even though I tried to keep my expectations in check (to not fall for the hype and I grew up on Caribbean KFC Zingers), them things still touched a part of my spirit I didn't know existed. Had me up in the restaurant like....

And VARNELL HILL VARNELL HILL said the last drop was even better :wow: , what kind of sorcery is Popeyes performing to make this happen., good lawd!
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I always look into this the popeyes next to my job when I leave for lunch. Yesterday and today I noticed way less people at lunchtime. Maybe the hype will die down soon.
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Your mom and dad make boneless chicken sandwiches from scratch :stoneface:
I didn't even want to quote that **** cuz I'm like first off why are home cooked chicken sandwiches even a part of your parents meal plan for you? :lol:

Especially past being a child and if that's what he's counting the Popeyes sandwich definitely better.
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Damn Popeyes took the sandwich off the app and drive thru is no longer an option it’s greyed out
Can’t believe the sandwich only lasted 3-4 days on the app
It’s a damn shame
Its pretty cold today
Might hit up Popeyes and see what’s popping
Dudes did what they had to do for the app not to crash :lol:


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hey, its a safe bet theyll have it from 1030 to close mon-sat tho.

can you say the same for your hypewich supplier? :rolleyes
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dont know why people would bother reselling these... once these are cold nobody wants them so makes no sense to resell these
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