Why is Popeyes so slow

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Maybe it’s just me but everytime I pass by a popeyes I gotta see what’s going on
And everytime the drive thru is long
The parking lot is full and there’s lots of people inside
I wonder how long this will last
I bet sales of their regular chicken is down
Poor folks can’t get fried chicken anymore cuz of the crazy lines lol


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Saw my buddys IG story earlier and they have a paper taped up on the mic where you order saying 5 per car :lol:

During the first batch/wave/hype a few months ago a few buddies and i were on a road trip and decided to see what the hype was all about. We were literally in a RANDOM *** rest stop in the middle of nowhere around noon and they literally cone'd off the entrance to the parking lot and the manager was out there telling us to come back at 330. They shut the entire store down for 4+ hours :lol:

Still need to try it but im not waiting in these wild *** lines for a chicken sandwich...
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I bet every drive thru order goes something like this...
“Yeah let me get 10 spicy chicken sandwiches...no wait make it 15” :lol:
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that sandwich doesn’t contain the crack you haven’t had the real deal yet.
Obviously you have tried it, so you would know right? :lol: I'm not sure what is more intriguing, knowingly eating food that is causing barbaric environments or cheering on the ordeal. Perhaps its all in the same for you.
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