Why is Popeyes so slow

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The nuggets will be made of white meat chicken breast battered and breaded in buttermilk. Customers can order nuggets in four-piece to 36 piece options in-store and online. A special 48-nugget option will be available through the Popeyes app. Eight nuggets will be priced at $3.99, which may vary by location.

Yea aight. :lol:
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Onion rings(make it nationwide)
Potato salad
Sweet potato fries
Jalapeño/cheese poppers
Mozzarella sticks
Mac and cheese
Baked bbq beans
Peach cobbler
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Frozen lemonade ain’t gonna break down the chicken grease in your stomach
You need a ice cold refreshing coke
Joined Jan 14, 2017
Popeyes getting lazy
They need to step up their side game
Can’t keep relying on the delicious fried chicken all the time
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