Why the HELL did Sprint raise the deductible?

Joined Apr 30, 2005
just a little upset
ive got the sero plan jumpoff with 7dollar insurance. but my phone cracked the touch transcriber a few days ago and I called to get a replacement mogul andthey are asking for $100.

if the deductible is 100 whats the sense of paying the insurance?
im about to just go find a touch pro on craigslist or somethin and cancel insurance.

sorry I just had to vent a little bit.
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don't call in....take it to a sprint repair store and they should replace it for free. if you call in they charge you for the deductible. i honestly wentthrough like 6 moguls in less than a year like this. i kept dropping the stupid phone. i loved it though...sold it for like $450 on ebay when the iphone cameout and went to at&t. i had all this customized stuff like nintendo on there.
Joined May 30, 2007
and if they're out of moguls which they might be by now since it's an old model, they might replace it with a newer phone like the touch pro. it has tobe a comparable model though so if they try to give you a non-touchscreen phone or something don't take it. complain until they offer the touch pro.


Joined Apr 23, 2008
I upgraded from the touch diamond to the touch pro this week for free. Took me 4 days of arguing with sprint that my problem was "unfixable".
Joined Sep 20, 2003
Yea takin it to the store was easier for me.

Im on my 2nd Touch Pro and now the keyboard stopped workin and it powers off quickly. I gotta re-plug the charger a couple times for it to actually charge.

Anyone know a better way for me to get the Palm Pre? Should I try and replace it? Or do I gotta drop extra $ to upgrade.
Joined May 30, 2007
i think if you have repetitive problems with the same kind of phone you can complain and request a different phone.
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