Wildwood, N.J. is The OG Jersey Shore But the Girls are Better Vol. Shorty in Blue is Bout Dat Life

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Wildwood is seen as a safer, older, quieter Seaside right now
Yup. NJ resident checking in. And Seaside aint really all that great either (blame MTV). If you wanna go to the shore visit, Seaside, Wildwood, Belmar, or AC (obviously)
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Yeah seaside is just gassed from mtv. My older dudes told me it use to be popping years ago.
wildwood is afterprom.
im bout that djais, bar a, sundays, jenks, and, tiki bar life
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Don't blame Mtv for.Seaside. Seaside is trash year round. It's all dirtbags on section 8 and welfare who live in the very same motels you guys rent when you come down in the summer. I live literally 5 mins away from Seaside and I am grossed out by that place. Hemmingways is usually a good time though.
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Originally Posted by NachoBroadway

Jersey shore sucks, Gansevoort Hotel pool party NYC is nothing but models & bottles
Not from the area but info on this? What time of the week? Time? Average amount spent, etc.?
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all of jersey shore is overrated and im from jersey... but since there is nothing else to do you go there... but i would recommend point pleasant and belmar over seaside... seaside has a younger crowd which is cool but its just really dirty compared to the other shores... and ya wildwood is definitely different... its somewhere you just relax instead of party really.... but its still cool but real far...
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