Wilkinson Sword Tidy Up Downstairs videos (Grooming)

Joined Jan 14, 2006
With the recent ads from Gillette persuading men for better grooming below-the-neck. It feels its only been a little over the last decade where men and not only women are now conforming to the standard to tidy up.
Its interesting in an BBC article, they were talking about how the rise of hair removal came from an advert in 1915s' Harpers Bazaar magazine. "a woman in a sleeveless evening gown which exposed her perfectly shaven armpits" Then Wilkinson Sword campaigned that not shaving is "unfeminine" and "unhygienic." and their sales of razor blades doubled.

The power of media, to make everybody feel pressured to conform to society's standards

Found these Wilkinson Sword (Schick) videos on female grooming below the waist. Thought they were slick with their delivery in getting the point across.
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