Will a Kevin Durant Sonics Jersey be valuable in the future?

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I'm just wondering...

It will forever be his rookie jersey. If he becomes one of the premier players in the NBA...will a Durant Sonics jersey be valuable?
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Originally Posted by Clutchshooter

um how about Yes, (at least authentics)
because it will be rare as ++%# in the future, and possibly may become a throwback uni for the thunder.
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No it will not, maybe if you have a real game worn Durant sonics jersey then the value might increase based off the old jersey but a swingman or authentic ofhis sonics jersey wont be worth anything.
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Originally Posted by Durden7

How many valuable jerseys exist?

(Not including game worn jerseys)
I didn't mean valuable in money...like valuable as in rare/hard to find but it will be one of those jersey's that is worn by a lot ofpeople as a throwback Durant jersey or something. Not sure if I'm explaining it right, but whatever.

Sonics' jerseys are
in general though..

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the thunder didnt move the sonics and the name and colors were left in seattle.......

soon enough there will be a team back in seattle and they WILL be the sonics...

cool non the less....still got my lbj rookie nike jersey that i copped two weeks after they drafted him
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no, truthfully no jerseys from this era will go up in value for a long time mainly due to the oversaturation of jerseys being produced from 2001 whenreebok/adidas started gaining control of things up until now.

back in the 1990's when champion, puma, starter, reebok the first time around, and nike were making authentic jerseys, they were much harder to come by.alot of mid 90's early 2000's stuff tends to sell for alot mainly because of the rarity of those jerseys and the fact that its hard to find them indecent sizes because the sizing cut was different back then.

also most stores didn't really start selling authentic jerseys other then the home teams jersey up until the fad blew up in 2001-02. from 2002-04 you couldfind almost any jersey you wanted. after the fad died, alot of these stores still ended up ordering an abundance of stuff so even up until now all recentjerseys have been oversaturated for the most part.
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i don't really care about future worth.

i'm just glad i got one for myself to go with the hoh vis sweets.

now, if it only came with the jumpshot..
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I wish I woulda copped one. I don't care about reselling it but I liked those jerseys and KD is one of my favorite players. It would have been pretty coolto rock it.

I still have a Ray Allen Sonics away jersey
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in terms of rarity, then YES. imagine 15 years from now when KD has a few championship rings and is on his way to breaking every scoring record out there willbe kids on NT going

"anyone ever see this seattle sonics KD jersey, man my dad had one but didnt save it because people on NT told him it was worthless, man what anidiot"

its like having a MJ number 45 jersey, i mean its super hard to find.
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I doubt it'll be worth a lot. He was a premiere rookie; i'm sure many were in circulation.

Sheed's ATL jersey > KD's Seattle jersey.
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no i dont think so cause like what Lakersmets49er said its just the ODing of jerseys now by reebok and adidas and all this swingman crap and the way ppl areobessed with retro stuff im pretty sure you can get a throwback sonics durant in 13 years

jordans 45 jersey and those 23 pinstripes were valuable until nike released them
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