Will Be A Freshman In College... Girlfriend Will Be A Junior In High School

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1. School is 1.5 hours away from her.
2. Neither of us will cheat.
3. We've been seeing each other since June.
4. I like her a lot, I know she does too.

Will this work?
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Originally Posted by wismonty21

1. School is 1.5 hours away from her.
2. Neither of us will cheat.
3. We've been seeing each other since June.
4. I like her a lot, I know she does too.

Will this work?
I smirked...sorry. Just cut it off cuz, its not going to go no where. Theres that 2% chance that it will last but most likely it won't. Someone always starts acting "strange"(Read: distant) then doubt is added to the recipe and the rest is history..

Cut it off.
We've been seeing each other since June.

Cut it off.
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2. Neither of us will cheat.

She'll definitely cheat bro, all her friends will be cuffed and she'll feel mad lonely, and a real @$# will come thru and scoop her up on some


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stay with her and prove these naysayers wrong, but i doubt 2 months is enough to claim ya'll cheat especially with all these college breezies


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you sir are doing it wrong.

#2 will be broken second day of orientation. Plus its only been two months, C'mon son
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my roommate was in the same situation and he swore he was gonna stay faithful. he made it about a month into second semester before he was smashing black chicks (he's white).

but on a serious note, you're better off going in there single and having the whole year to enjoy rather than trying and failing, then going through that awkward purgatory stage where you're depressed and blind to all the nubile box surrounding you. college isn't an ideal place to sustain a relationship, especially when your girl is still in high school. the last thing you're gonna want to do is sit on the phone with a 16 year old on a saturday night.
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So shes starting her last half of high school.. and you wil be over an hour away..

You honestly think she wont get turned out? Go ahead and try but dont say we didnt warn you. One of yall will want to "explore whats out there" eventually.
Things change bro. Youll accept it once you realize you not in high school no more. Besides theres hella females out there. Go forth and smash %%!@!%.
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If she's an attractive girl, the wolves will definitly be out at school waiting for her, for that moment she feels lonely, which won't take long
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bro... you're going to college. a place where you are also 1.5 hours away from your parents. you have financial aid dough and THOUSANDS OF NEW WOMEN IN A CONCENTRATED AREA.

you gone exclude yourself from all that for some... 16 year old vagina?
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I'd keep it going for a semeseter and just network with people. Once you got your circle of friends and meet a couple bad chicks that are interested, then you cut it off.

Sounds bad, but every female I've ever met in this predicament handles it the same way, and it works like a charm for them.

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June? Hardly enough time to build a strong foundation.

There's always THAT guy who's trying to keep up a long distance relationship in college freshman year.. That's usually the guy who misses out on the parties or meeting new people because you're going home to visit her or talking on the phone, etc.

Just break it off.
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