Will Derek Fisher get his jersey retired?

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He was apart of each of the Lakers 2000 championships, being a key contributor, clutch shooter in most.

It might be obvious, but I've never heard any talk of it.

You think his # gets hung up?
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Jersey retired??

No #%#@#%% way IMO. The best players on championships team (Jordan/Pippen, Shaq/Kobe, etc) are the ONLY people who should even be considered for such an honor. Goddamn, why is this even a question? It dilutes the honor so much.

Yes, I am a little mad.
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Does he deserve it, due to the amount of clutch shots and contributions hes made? Yes.

Will his jersey get hanged though? no way.
Joined Mar 3, 2006
Originally Posted by Cedric Ceballos 1995 Lakers

no, byron scott didn't get his number retired so i doubt fisher gets his retired.
See, I didn't know that until I looked up who had their jersey retired.

I was thinking how the C's had so many damn numbers retired, and there are a ton of dudes who's jerseys are retired who's careers weren't that great.
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He probably should. But he won't. Shaq and Kobe for sure. Horry probably not and he will be left out with Fisher. Both guys big in the championship runs but they just won't make it IMO.
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