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First and foremost I would like to once again thank everyonefor participating in this study. The response from all of the participating forumshas been superb and will make for an excellent analysis. I am currently in theprocess of aggregating all the data and drawing conclusions based on the responses.This process will take a few weeks. As soon as I have completed this course ofaction I will make my findings available to the forums.  Also, a sincere thank you goes out to all of the forums that let me post this questionnaire. 

Thank You: NikeTalk, Hypebeast, Sole Collector, SneakerFreaker, and FemaleSneakerFiend 

Without further ado the winners of the $150giftcards are 

Royster  from


Larre. from

Congratulations and thanks for helping.

-Joseph Long 
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Originally Posted by ImReallyDirkNowitzki

Originally Posted by spsfinest212

What kinda name is Royster?
Only the coolest name ever.
Iono if I sense the sarcasm but yuhhh!! Lol.
This made my day right here, preciate it, just tryna help out a fellow NT'er
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dang i clicked the topic casually hoping to see my name against all the odds but i never win these things..congrats to the winners and gl w/ the study.
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LOL @ the responses... thanks again guys... I'm hoping to do more research in the future so if that happens there will be more questionnaires and more opportunities to win money
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