Wish list: Air Penny Protro series

Joined Dec 8, 2018
My wallet is ready. Nike — please give us OG colorway Air Penny Protro shoes to hoop in!

I mean, I’d settle for a nice pair of home white Penny 1s and a pair of Atlantic Penny 2s done right as a regular retro, but just imagine a full series of super-comfy, court-ready Penny sneakers made to modern spec but true to the original silhouettes...

Anyone else share this dream?!
Joined Nov 8, 2015
As a avid penny collector some Atlantic blues would be heaven sent done right take the same attention as done on the Kobe’s
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Nike has no incentive to do this. It would be nice, but I'm not holding my breath.
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They should change the penny line name to Air Nike Outlets 1 or Nike air Hash Wall 2
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Honest to God I thought about this exact idea last year when the Kobe 1’s dropped lol. Would love for a Protro or a Remaster like Jordan Brand did on all of the 90’s signature shoes. If I were in charge over there, I’d make a big announcement and release a remastered version of 1st Penny’s, Pippen’s,Barkley’s etc. Focus on the details, the right bubble size and the OG zoom air feeling. I’d make them semi-limited ( so they won’t end up dying a sad death at an outlet) and release one a month on Snkrs or Nike stores. Once they come out right, put them back in the vault and let it be know you are not seeing this shoe/color way again for a few years.
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