With Lil' Wayne in jail...

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...who do you think will most likely be the artist to pick up the slack???
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Originally Posted by Cedric Ceballos 1995 Lakers

im sure baby will do a good job picking up the slack in brainwashing young kids into thinking their fake bloods.
Hahaha...very true...as he continues to rap about alligator seats, 220 on the dash, gucci stores, bentleys, louis vuitton, money, candy paint, etc...
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Yo drake and Nicki, wether they like it or not, have to carry the label because nobody else on there is marketable, maaaybe Tyga, but other than that, I don't see anyone else picking up the slack record sales wise.
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drake is the only one who could sell ... but no one will care once wayne gets out and he has 794 mixtapes and 43 albums ready to drop ...
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Originally Posted by SdotRusherz

I hope Wayne will stop bull %%!+!@% when he leaves jail, and actually spit.
real talk... for the last 2 years he put @!%$ out, the only @!%$ i listen to is no ceilings...


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On YM, Drake of course.

Not on YM, Kanye (if he decides to make his comeback sooner than later)
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