Worcester, MA NT'ERS???? need advice

Joined Jul 4, 2002
I landed a job in Worcester, MA. I'm looking for a place to live right now.

I'm thinking of getting a place in Boston and commute everyday (probably closer to Brookline or Newton).

Do you guys think it worth it? I'm fresh out of college so I still want to have fun and stuff.

Rent isn't really an issue...the difference between two places I fought is negligible. Its really the gas money (which I can probably save by carpooling)and the amount of fun I can have.
Joined Dec 2, 2004
Remember you have to pay tolls on the Mass Pike too. Personally I wouldnt want to commute that way everyday. Boston is still there on the weekends
Joined Mar 22, 2005
I wouldnt really want to make that commute either. traffic can be a pain in the butt, thats my only drawback, I know i would get sick of it after awhile...just my 2 cents
Joined Jan 3, 2008
ehh I'd go for it. Commute won't be fun most dayys

but being close to Boston >>>> living in Worcester.
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